Educational Birth Videos

Do You Doula? A film with real Moms and Dads describing the impact of a doula on their birth experiences.
The History Of Childbirth in America A facinating look back at the evolution of childbirth in the US and the impact childbirth has on a woman's life. 

Labor Of Love Birth Dance  A beautiful video of belly dancing through labor.

Move, Walk, and Change Positions  Moving during labor is a very successful way to ease pain, and help the baby move into position for birth. 

Prenatal Yoga  This gentle prenatal yoga class uses yoga poses perfect for pregnancy and will help you relax, stretch all the muscles in your body, deeply connect with your baby, and will help you prepare both mentally and physically for labor. Yoga has proven to be extremely beneficial for woman during pregnancy and this class is the perfect way to take a prenatal yoga class in the comfort of your home, at a time that is convenient for you.
Penny Simkin: Using Doulas for Birth Care - Midwifery Today Birth Essentials Penny Simkin, the co-founder of DONA International speaks on the role of the doula in childbirth today
Penny Simkin:  Pain versus Suffering in Labor Learn the difference between the pain of labor and the concept of suffering
Labor Pain Relief - Visualization  The technique is simple, visualize what is happening in your body and connect to something, anything that helps produce a sensation of relaxation
Labor Pain Relief - Massage- Your partner can use touch to help you relax by using a variety of touch techniques using a variety of motions, tools, touch and techniques
Labor Pain Relief - Partner Encouragement During Labor Pain - Continuous support by the partner is most important to a laboring woman.  Use affirmations and positive messaging, or mantras,  to keep the her focused on her ability to give birth
Labor Pain Relief - Muscle Observation Learn the difference between muscle tension and relaxation and the difference in pain perception between the two states
Labor Pain Relief - Warm Water - The benefits of warm water and endorphin release benefits labor and discomfort
Labor Pain Relief - Instinctual Coping - What are your natural pain coping techniques and how may they play into labor coping techniques
Labor Pain Relief - Deep Breathing - Abdominal breathing and the benefits of pain relief and relaxation
Labor Pain Relief - Non-Focused Mediation - Learn how to minimize the external stimulation that may be distracting to your focus during labor
Labor Pain Relief - Calming Meditation - Learn how to clear your mind and focus on breathing, heartbeat and the promotion of relaxation and labor progress
Penny Simkin:  Comfort Techniques and the "3 R's and Slow Breathing" Comfort measures to support Relaxation, Rhythm, and Ritual for labor
Penny Simkin:  Rationale for Delayed Cord Clamping  Learn why there is an advantage to the baby to delay cutting the umbilical cord for several minutes or until after the cord ceases pulsing.
Baby!  International Film Festival Interviews Interviewees answer the question, "What would you like to see change in the birthing environment?"
Prevent Cesarean Surgery  An inspirational and entertaining production using real quotes spoken by women who have had both a cesarean and vaginal birth, music, photography, and statistics.  It presents invaluable information that is researched based. All women of childbearing age will benefit from this educational movie. It is a must see!  Cesarean rates in the United States are at a record high for both new and experienced mothers. Despite vast amounts of research regarding the increased risks for both mothers and babies who experience cesareans compared to vaginal birth, there is a growing acceptance of this surgery in our culture. This movie addresses the question "Why should we try to avoid unnecessary cesareans?" It also presents advice for how to increase the chance of having a normal safe vaginal birth based on recommendations from organizations such as the World Health Organization, Lamaze International, and the Childbirth Connection.
The Nature of Natural Birth  This is a movie created to enter into the Birth Matters Virginia video contest. The producer was recently a part of a most amazing experience, on an assignment for her Photojournalism course at MATC to create a photo essay. This assignment led her down a beautiful road, discovering birth naturally, pure, amazing and full of love.
More on the Many Reasons Not to Separate Mother and Baby A healthy discussion on the benefits of skin-to-skin contact immediately after birth are reviewed
Misconception This video is another created for the Birth Matters Viginia series and highlights the importance of becoming educated and empowered to make choices about your birth experience.
Home Birth - DIY Labor and Delivery With the recent premiere of Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein's documentary The Business of Being Born, home birth and the practice of midwifery have been gaining more attention and popularity. We highly recommend this film as well as Ina May Gaskin's books Spiritual Midwifery and Ina Mays Guide to Childbirth as good starting resources for learning about home birth. Also check out Child Birth Connection, International Cesarean Awareness Network and Pushed Birth Blog.
It's Worth It! A montage of still images, video and original music showing the benefits of family-centered and mother-friendly birth.
Consequences of Modern Birth Practices A reflective look upon the timelessness of the birth experience
One World Birth a new birth movement and website launching today, September 1, 2011
The Face of Birth trailer for the upcoming documentary (in 2012)
The Face of Birth where the personal gets political